Gabriela Tapia was born in Morelia, Mexico. She now lives in Paramount, California, where she’s been working as a receptionist for the last 12 years. She joined ORGANO™ last September and hopes that by doing so, she’ll be able to stop working seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.

Eight years ago, Gabriela was forced to drop out from college, as her work and school itineraries overlapped and she didn’t have the means to look for a part-time job. What hurts her the most about her full-time schedule is that she has missed on the opportunity of watching her son grow, and hasn’t been beside him of some at the most critical moments of his life.

But though she’s still working on the process of having her weekend off, ORGANO™ has given Gabriela the opportunity to improve her and her family’s health. Also, she tells us that the video lectures and Mentorship calls have helped her to create a new way of thinking aimed to improve her business abilities.

But what has had the most significant effect on Gabriela’s life as a Distribuidor was UTX this February. Listening to the new Diamonds inspired her to set new goals for herself and, most of all, Hanoi Driggs’ testimony went deep into her heart and gave her the desire to reach Sapphire for Expo 2018, in September.

To achieve her new goal, Gabriela put her trust on the great team she has. With one VIP and one Platinum by her side, she set up to accomplish her target. The Leader of her team, the Sapphire Gonzalo Gonzales, made anything he could to help her reach her objective. Another member, the Emerald Karla Enriquez, traveled all the way to Paramount from Tijuana to support her through this process and gave her the self-confidence she lacked to achieve it. Finally, Cesar Muñoz, the Blue Diamond on her team, called to encourage her not to give up and to assure her she could do everything she set herself to do.

For the last two days of this period, Gabriela got together with her team after work to make calls, never taking No for an answer. At 11 pm on the last day, she finally got the necessary points to qualify for Sapphire. “I was relieved, and I wanted to cry,” she tells us. Our Distributor needed to hug her son and see her family, who she had put aside for the last few days in order to achieve her new rank.

Gabriela wants to inspire other people to believe in themselves the same way the OG Family has inspired her. “Everything is possible when you set yourself to do it and trust your real potential,” she says.  Most of all, she encourages everyone to reach for their Leaders, to get advice from them and to rely on their whole team. For her, one of the keys to success is not to miss a single event and Mentorship Call, as they are the ones that will provide anyone with the mindset to reach for success.

Gabriela leaves us with some warming and encouraging goodbye words: “I decided to believe I had the same potential as everyone else I’d listened. Now is my turn to reach my goals! Thanks for everything!”



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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