Nataly Olvera Esparza is 31 years old and lives in Hidalgo, Mexico. With a degree in preschool education, she teaches kids who between two and six years of age.

Natalie’s dream has always been to open her own school, but since she graduated she has been faced with several obstacles that took her to become a full-time employee. Seven years after finishing her studies, Nataly is a teacher with several side businesses that include selling food and clothing, and after-school workshops for kids, but she’s still unable to gather enough money to fulfill her dream of opening her own business.

The fact that she had a high education level and a low salary kept Nataly very frustrated. Plus, the fact that she’d missed some of her now 13-year-old daughter most important events made her start her quest for better opportunities. She left her comfort zone to get better economic results but most of all, to be able to spend more quality time with her daughter. Nataly knew she had nothing else to lose in this search.

It was Guadalupe Sotelo, a Ruby member of ORGANO™, who introduced Nataly to join the business. Nataly had doubts about the system of network marketing at first, but she dared to give it a try, and since then, her path with us has been a success! Just in her first month, back in 2015, she reached Platinum. On July of 2017 she reached Sapphire, and by December of that same year, she reached Ruby. With her team of Sapphire, Platinum, Elite Platinum, and VIP entrepreneurs she has accomplished amazing new goals.

Nataly has learned a lot from committed individuals and helpful leaders. She has not only grown her business but also achieved a lot in other areas. In just three years she has met most of her goals, like traveling abroad for the first time, giving her daughter the chance to visit the US, buying a car, and qualifying for the Incentive Trip to Playa del Carmen. All this keeps pushing her forward to achieve a better lifestyle quality.

With her new economic freedom, Nataly has been able to give her daughter better opportunities while teaching her how to be an independent woman with the necessary principles to help others. “In three years, ORGANO™ has changed my life and has given me the feeling of self-accomplishment. I have achieved the economic, spiritual, and emotional satisfaction that I never got as a full-time employee, and I have grown incredibly as a human being,” she shares with us.

In the last three years with ORGANO™, Nataly has faced rejections and criticism that made her feel vulnerable and scared. But she now realizes that those experiences have made her stronger, and now she can learn from those three years and give out the best of her. She is currently committed to the success system of ORGANO™, drinks the product every day, and talks to everyone about the company and her story, to inspire others to follow her path.

EXPO was one of the leading factors that push Nataly to reach the next level. She leaves every event motivated to achieve her goals, but it was in Las Vegas where she got the confidence in herself and in ORGANO™ to know she had all the tools needed to reach Ruby.

Nataly wants to thank her mom, Maricela Esparza and Guadalupe Sotelo for being by her side on her path with ORGANO™, and to Hanoi Driggs for helping her being one of the 10 Mexican Diamonds. She also acknowledges and thanks the work of Bernie Chua, Holton Buggs, and Shane Morand, for making her new lifestyle possible.

“Let’s all follow the mission of Taking the Treasures of the Earth to the World, because it’s easy, simple, and it’s ORGANO™.”

Nataly leaves us with two pieces of advice for every Distributor following her steps:

“Trust in yourself and the impact you can make in hundreds of people. Get educated with the company’s tools and defeat your insecurities. Focus on yourself and give all the hard work you can stand. Fight for your freedom!”

“Follow the four steps of the Success System and never stop working on them. Show everyone why ORGANO™ is the best company, how great our product is, and how we keep on growing day-to-day.”



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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