You can always improve the way you exercise. There is always a smarter way or a little practice that you can add (or even take out!) to make the most of your routine

Science backs us up and we have the latest tips for you:

1. Have a cup of coffee before working out

Researchers at Coventry University in England discovered that people who consume caffeine before their exercise time are more willing to put in the effort and strength in their routines. Where’s the magic? Caffeine may delay fatigue on muscles, leading to more willingness to work out, not making you feel exhausted. Go get your shot of one of our coffees and hit the gym!

2. Add some music

Music is very powerful when it comes to your routine. It can help you get in the zone, keep the rhythm and tempo, and can make you endure even more! Make sure to have some cool music for every moment and also, keep in mind to keep it tailored to your goals. Want some ideas? We have a few recommended playlists here.

3. Suffer first, enjoy later

If there is an exercise you dislike or feel lazy about, make that a priority and do it first! It will make your workout more enjoyable once you’re done with it, you’ll be doing the easier or more friendly parts last and time will fly!

4. Invest in your attire

Sometimes we overlook this aspect of our routine, but an attire that feels comfy and fulfills its mission is necessary. Take into account your needs: do you need pockets? search for pants or shorts that have them! do you sweat a lot? Look for materials that let your skin breathe. Do you get blisters on your feet? Check some nice socks or change those old sneakers! 

Investing in your health and well being is better than feeling uncomfortable every day. 

5. Don’t skip cool down

During cool down our body gets back to a normal state after being under stress-response. Taking a few minutes to slow your exercises, breathe and stretch accelerates your body’s recovery. Do a few yoga poses, stretch, use a foam roller or just walk slowly around the room. 

Try these tips out and let us know what motivates you during your routine! Be better every day and always show up to achieve your goals, that’s the #X4Ever way!



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