As a skincare enthusiast, you may have heard the buzz about a miracle ingredient that’s being used in many products lately: Bee Venom. Well, we confirm it, it is the bee’s knees of anti-aging and we will tell you everything about it today.

What makes Bee Venom special?

Bee venom is also known as apitoxin, a compound of histamine and dopamine, two substances that we know well due to allergies, emotions, and stress. This substance is being used in skincare thanks to its healing properties.

Apitoxin in contact with your skin stimulates blood flow and collagen generation (as if you were wounded) to repair the damage, leading to smooth, healthy-looking skin. Apitoxin has astringent properties thanks to hyaluronidase, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial enzymes that fight bacteria, oil and dirt accumulation on the pores. The beU Bee Venom Anti Aging Mask makes the most out of this ingredient to bring these benefits to you: healthy-looking skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, better texture and a natural glow. 

Is this for everyone?

No, apitoxin contains histamine, the substance that produces allergies. Some people may be more sensitive to it and if applied on allergy-sensitive skin it could increase the problem, instead of helping to solve it. People allergic to bee stings should not use products with Bee Venom.

Is it unethical to harm bees to extract it?

It is! BUT beU by ORGANO is environmentally responsible and makes sure that no bee is harmed in the process. How? The apitoxin produced by the worker and queen honey bees is collected on a sheet of glass that has a gentle electrical current that encourages the emission of the venom but doesn’t harm them. Once collected, the bees return safely to their hives, totally unharmed!

Now that you got this valuable information are you ready to take advantage of this Bee Venom discovery? Discover more amazing, natural and gentle ingredients and products for your skin and your customers with beU by ORGANO. 



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