Music is always necessary for a fruitful workout, or at least we like to think so! What you listen to can either boost your motivation, push you to go run that extra mile or even help your breath go slow when cooling down. 

According to diverse research sources, music is a helpful motivator, it can help you focus more on keeping up with the rhythm and can distract you from uncomfortable feelings, fatigue and even make you work out harder. Tempo and speed are key to this, that’s why at OGX we created some playlist for each moment of your routine, so you can perform your best and achieve your fitness goals.

No matter the type of workout you do, add them to your Spotify favorites, follow them and let’s kick it!


These sounds will get your body awake, activated and will help you start your workout with the energy you need for the rest of your routine.



Amp Up

This playlist is ideal for the most intense part of your routine. The key to it is keeping up with the pace and concentrating on the beat.

Cool Down

After sweating it all out you deserve a break, slow down your pace and chill to these cool jams. 

You made it! Staying disciplined, focused and leading a balanced lifestyle is part of the #X4Ever lifestyle. Drop us a comment on social media with your favorite track or playlist to get you amped up! 



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