We get it, sometimes life catches up with you and making time to exercise gets harder, sometimes you’re not in the mood or you don’t have full 60 minutes to stop and hit the gym to see the results you want to get.

However, we got your back! We may not be able to use a time machine but we have a few ideas you can use on those tough days. This way you can still enjoy life and make some time to work out effectively. You can do them at lunchtime, during remote meetings, right before heading out to happy hour or whenever you feel like it.

5 Minute Workout

Shaun-T shows us that we can get our blood flowing with this 5-minute workout that will make you feel energized and pumped. Perfect to start the day!

  1. 10 Minute Fat Blasting workout

If you’re aiming to burn and make the most of the little time you got, this Victoria Secret’s 10-minute workout will help you achieve that purpose as you practice some familiar moves. The best thing? You don’t need any kind of equipment.

  1. 5 Minute Abs

Sometimes we need to focus more in certain areas of our body. Ff your abs are giving you a hard time, this 5-minute routine will definitely help you out in strengthening your core and getting those abs you want.

  1. Quick HIIT workout

This one is for those who aren’t faint of heart. HIIT has demonstrated being of the most effective methods to get full body results with peaks in activity and functional exercises to get your routine to the next level. This version has the most effective movements to gain stability, strength, and resistance.

  1. Quick Morning Yoga Routine

Now, if you want to go for something lighter but still effective, this sun salutation workout might be what you need. Easy to start your day out before heading out to work or school and perfect to warm up your body and begin a balanced morning.

Now you don’t have excuses! Don’t risk inactivity and get your body moving with any of these exercises, a healthy lifestyle is just one micro workout away!  #X4ever


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