We know you love to travel, we do too at Travalla! But safety comes first and staying home is the best choice right now. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to amaze and stare in awe at some spectacular views, that’s what the internet is for! 

There’s this trend of Drone Videos that explore the most amazing places on earth, bringing to your tv or computer the marvels of our planet. Well, we picked some you may enjoy, so you get inspired for your next trip once quarantine is over.

Visit the Balearic Islands with Drone Travel

These amazing islands on the Mediterranean coast of Spain are a total dream. 

Discover the Colors of Argentina

Jim Winter dedicates his time to creating cinematic adventures with his drones and camera, today he will take you to South America, more specifically, Argentina, to discover its scenic wonders.

Enjoy the coasts of Costa Rica

Vagabrothers create lots of content and videos of the many places they have visited, Costa Rica is one of the most emblematic ones: it will transport you to the beaches, jungles, volcanoes and hidden hot springs of this beautiful country in Central America. 

Amaze yourself with the sights of the Scottish Highlands

Stefan Zimmermann brings us the astounding views of green Scotland and the peaceful life in the highlands.

Unveil the hidden gems of Malta

Aerial Ambassadors channel is full of interesting, off-the-path places, and this video of the mythic island of Malta in the Mediterranean shows it: ruins, grottos, beaches, and castles all around.

You have no excuses to not get excited about your next vacation, no matter when it may happen, start planning now! Travalla helps you with the best packages and ideas to make it memorable from start to finish.



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