Traveling is quite the experience, but sometimes it is full of unexpected things that you can’t control. Today, Travalla brings you some super useful travel hacks to remediate some of those issues we forget or find along the way.

Become a savvy traveler with Travalla!

– Make sure your bags get handled safely and carefully by tagging your bags as “Fragile”, not only will this prevent mishandling in the hectic process of the conveyor belts, but also will come out faster as they will be on the top of the pile.

– Avoid wrinkles in exclusive pieces of garment by folding them and packing them carefully in a plastic file folder! The piece will be protected and will get to your destination spotless.

– If you didn’t bring a power adapter to your destination you can try and charge your phone by connecting it to the USB adapter of the TV at your hotel room! 

– Join Foursquare to find the hottest spots in the city you’re visiting and also finding the wi-fi password or many restaurants and places. 

– Avoid sodas or carbonated drinks if you’re having a long flight! The air of these beverages expands in your body, causing gas. 

– Scan all your important documents and keep them in your email or phone handy, in case something happens you will have backup and will feel like secured.

– Use the shower caps at the hotel as shoe covers to keep your items and bag tidy when packing.

– If you can, exercise before your flight, it will reduce the stress charge in your body and will make your flight and sleep more pleasant.

– Avoid taking flights if you have a cold or severe flu. Not only will you be sparing your fellow travelers, but you also won’t be exposing your ears to damage or infection due to the pressure. 

We hope these useful hacks save your day and make your trip even more pleasant. Share your hacks with us on social media! #Travalla 



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