Growth Mindset is the latest trend in business and personal development. This practice is useful at any point in your life, helping you achieve success and learn effective ways of networking and communicating.

A growth mindset is meant to improve weak areas in your life and development, helping you reflect on your own experiences and see possibilities in all hardships and obstacles of life. That’s why we selected a few books that may help you get this mindset!

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Aristotle said once that “Excellence is not an act, but a habit” and to engrain good habits in your life you need a method. In this book Charles Duhigg explores the techniques used by academics, athletes, and businessmen, and applies them to a daily practice, teaching you the secrets of effective routines and productive journeys. Tweak one habit, then the next and the next and you’ll be leading your ideal life in no time.

Grit: The power of passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth takes you on a journey through her obstacles and hard moments of research to teach you some valuable lessons in business and neuroscience. Peak performance and “genius” can be achieved by applying the right mindset: grit can be learned and harnessed to learn from your mistakes and falls. This is “a fascinating tour of the psychological research on success” (The Wall Street Journal).

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert B. Cialdini

We’re sure you want the secret to get more clients and make people say YES! to anything you want, well, there is a way and this book holds all that knowledge. 

Robert Cialdini shares his findings after 35 years of studies and research and encapsulates them in 6 basic principles on how to persuade and use psychology to influence and achieve success in your business: reciprocity, commitment, and consistency… all apply when communicating. Give them a chance and let us know the results!

Talking to Strangers – Malcom Gladwell

Learn how to make conversations go the right way by watching and listening to strangers! In this book, Malcolm Gladwell, a New York Times writer explores the many takeaways you get from learning to be a good judge of character, observing people’s behaviors, and learning how to ask the right questions. Learn to make sense of people you don’t know and how their story can impact yours. 



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