Africa is one of the continents with the most breathtaking and wild destinations in the world. Its diversity is so big and its hidden gems so numerous that we would need an endless post to highlight all the marvels this place holds.

Today, on Earth Day, Travalla wants to inspire you with wild destinations you need to see to appreciate some of the treasures our planet holds.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Known as Mosi-oa-Tunya “The cloud that thunders”, this place has been named one of the natural wonders of the world and a place you need to see to marvel at the flawless spectacle its waters offer.

Victoria Falls are known for their unique spectacle: a rainbow that happens at night time, just when the light of the full moon hits the mist of the falls, producing an astounding spectacle of color and light.

When to visit: if you want to witness the lunar rainbow, spring is the best season. 

Sahara Desert 

The Sahara is legendary and big: is the largest hot desert in the planet, it holds the highest dunes (600 feet) and it covers 3’500.000 square miles going through 11 countries of the African continent.

This is a must-visit destination whenever you’re in an African country: an oasis in the middle of the arid landscape awaits you. Take a journey on a dromedary, explore the old trade routes and discover the archaeological jewels hidden in many spots scattered around it.

When to visit: Spring

Mount Nyragongo – Democratic Republic of Congo

This volcano located in the Virunga National Park is the home of the world’s biggest lava lake. If you dare to go up and check it out, prepare to ascend 11.400 ft to catch a glimpse.

If you visit the volcano, you can also take a little detour to explore the mountains and pay a visit to the famous gorillas of the Virunga mountains.

When to visit: Summer/Fall

The Seven Coloured Earths – Chamarel, Mauritius

In the dreamy island of Mauritius, surrounded by coral reefs, virgin beaches, and crystal waters there’s a natural phenomenon you can’t miss: colored dunes in green, blue, violet, brown, purple, red and yellow. This phenomenon happens due to the tropical weather and oxidation produced by it on the ground.

This attraction can be seen all year and is ideal for a family trip. Don’t miss the chance of seeing the giant turtles on your way to Chamarel. 

When to visit: All year

These are just a few of the many hidden treasures of our planet, make the most out of your life by exploring these unique, fantasy-like and inspiring destinations, Travalla can take you there!



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