Picking the best seats for your trip, whether it is for business or for pleasure is one of the most important parts of your trip. Not only does it determine the quality of your trip, but it also determines how fast or slow you get on and off the plane and other comfort issues.

Today, Travalla brings you some tips to pick the best seats every time!

  • Check Seat Guru to find the best seats according to the plane you’ll be traveling in.  
  • Be aware of the seat policies of the airline you travel in. Knowing if they charge additional fees for certain seats will help you set a budget for the level of comfort you want during the trip.
  • Choose the seats you want as soon as you can, do not wait for the time of check-in as most of the good ones will already be taken.
  • Check the location according to your preference. Sit in the back of the plane if you want to board the plane first, choose the aisle if you want to have some “legroom” to stretch in the middle of the flight. 
  • If you’re traveling as a couple, reserve your seats in an empty row, leaving the middle seat open, given the chance it will be one of the last spots to be taken and chances are you will have the full row for yourselves (unless your flight is full).
  • Avoid the seats closer to the toilet and galley. These are high-traffic zones and you won’t have silence or comfort most of your trip.
  • Join and use a frequent flyer program to be the first in line for upgrades, choosing seats ahead of time or changing them easily. 
  • Get to the airport early and do your check-in in time. Sometimes the airline can take away or change your seat if you seem to be a possible no-show.

These tips may not guarantee you get the best seats but will improve your chances of getting it, without any hassle or hurry, improving your travel experience. Get the best offers and destinations with your Travalla membership, get yours now! 



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