Travel lovers, that tough demographic to get a perfect gift for. They’re always on the move and they love to travel light… well, at ORGANO we understand that wanderlust isn’t an impediment to get wonderful and useful gifts to make any trip exceptional, that’s why we crafted this mini-guide with some ideas on what to give them.

Make it symbolic

Gifts don’t have to be material all the time! That’s something we get wrong at times, especially with travelers. We live in a digital world and you can fuel that wanderlust by gifting online or digital goodies!

How about a Spotify or any other online streaming subscription? This way you can ensure that the person has music all the time, perfect to make great memories. A Travel Getaways Membership with Travalla is also a great idea! this way he or she can get the best deals in the market, compare prices on flights, hotels, and experiences. This is a unique way to give a mindful gift, but still, keep it tailored to what they want. 

Other digital ideas include travel insurance, Airbnb gift cards, ebook subscriptions. 

Memento Makers

Travel is all about the memories, that’s why portable and fun instant cameras are great gifts! Journals are useful to take notes, record inspiration moments and ideas or can even become the repository for lists of new adventures and destinations. Photo albums and photo books can become a good way to make a physical memory to share during the holidays as well. 

Upgrade their bucket list

Travelers have tech in their blood, that’s why gadgets and gifts that make their experience even better will always be the best way to go. 

A Forever Weeks membership can ensure they visit the most exclusive places at great prices, a great way to gift new and unforgettable experiences. Goodies such as smart suitcases, travel adapters, and organizers always come in handy!

Another way to upgrade their travel is to gift activities in the destinations they visit! Not only will you show how much you care and listen to their wishes, but you’ll be ensuring their dreams are coming true.

Travel is all about feelings, inspiration and finding the best way to make the most of the time you have to discover this wonderful world. This year, dare to give the gift of travel to your loved ones with Travalla! 



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