If you’re traveling to a natural destination, there is so much you can do to help conservation but also to maximize your time in nature. Today, Travalla brings you a few ideas you can implement on that next trip. Make it memorable with Travalla!

Reduce your carbon footprint

Of course, you can get a plane ticket and go to your destination, it’s the easiest thing to do, but by using vehicles with few emissions at your destination can be a great way to enjoy your surroundings and help the planet. 

Grab a bike, get a skateboard or take a kayak trip through a river, these activities are not only sporty but help you soak up the whole vibe of the place in a different way. Is the spot you’re visiting close to you? Walk and get familiar with the surroundings!

Keep things tidy

Aim for a sustainable visit: do not trash the places you go to and pick up your trash and take it back to the hotel or hostel you’re staying in. Carrying a plastic bag with you to keep all these things, instead of leaving them along your trail is the easiest, more convenient way.

Keep in mind the local wildlife

Don’t encourage the use and commerce of wild animals! We’re sure you really want to see the elephants and monkeys at your destination, but most of them are not taken care of in the right way and are mistreated, taken out from their habitat and forced to interact with humans. You can check online for ethically managed sanctuaries at your destination, so you know you’re supporting the care and wellbeing of the habitat and animals, here are a few:

Elephant Sanctuaries

Most Ethical ways to see animals in South Africa

Ethical Animal Sanctuaries in Thailand

Whenever you’re in nature and you find wildlife, follow your instinct and try not to be invasive, instead, keep a safe distance, let animals roam their environment as they please (you’re the visitor, not them) and refrain from feeding them. Needless to say, don’t taunt them, and most importantly don’t try to take them home with you.

Buy local and act like a local

Supporting the local business not only supports the economy but also takes advantage of the good that is available on-site, diminishing unwanted developments. Experience the art, culture, and food of the community you’re visiting, ask for their suggestions and try to blend with them instead of forcing your customs in. 

Safety First

Follow the directions of your guides, and if you don’t have any just use common sense: always hike during the day, be aware of the weather conditions for your visit and always make sure to tell someone where you will be.

By following these recommendations your trip will be more pleasant, environmentally friendly and mindful with our planet! Don’t forget to find the best deals for your next adventure with Travalla.



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