The end of January and beginning of February is known to be a dreaded time by many Americans: many of them abandon their new year’s resolutions! Yes, even with 11 months ahead many people just leave aside the idea of achieving something. The reasons are varied: from lack of motivation, complications in making time for ambitious goals, or the fact that they don’t see results manifesting fast enough.


But that doesn’t mean your resolutions and goals are not achievable or real. Today we will explore a few techniques to make these stick and create a system to make them come true. 

Limit your resolutions

One of the reasons many people leave their goals in the first month of the year is because they make this insane list of a thousand things. Life can get overwhelming with such a long list of to-do’s, that’s why limiting your resolutions to just one big one or two is smarter. 


Focusing on one goal at a time will allow your mind to roam and expand on the many opportunities and tools you have at hand. It will be just ONE thing to worry and think about every day. Single tasking has proven to improve your productivity and make you even more accountable. 

Incorporate your goal to your everyday

And do it slowly! The new year sometimes makes us feel anxious about getting to work and achieving perfection from day one, when in reality, the secret is to start small and grow along the way. 


For example, instead of cutting all carbs at once in your weight-loss goal, you can start by reducing the amount of ONE of those carbs on week one, then make it two the next week, and so on. Adjusting your life and incrementing the time you give to your goal from 5 minutes to 1 hour in a matter of weeks will feel easier than just dedicating one full hour to an activity you never performed before. 


Be kind and mindful

We’re not the same every day: we don’t have the same levels of focus, energy or disposition on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be accountable for our own success. Be patient with yourself and remember your why when you don’t want to do that activity related to your resolution. 


Even if you miss a few days or milestones, don’t abandon your goal at the first setback or obstacle, instead: correct and keep on working. Keeping a goal journal can help you see these cycles in your life, but also, reflect on the things that affect how you achieve or not your goal. 


We’re sure that by keeping these three elements in mind  and putting them into practice will help you keep those resolutions in place until the end of the year. Don’t be scared of sharing your progress, setbacks and challenges, it’s part of the process. 


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