If your significant other is a coffee lover this upcoming Valentine’s Day can be the perfect occasion to give them a well-thought and heart warming coffee gift. Today we bring you a list of things you can give to surprise and show that you love them a latte. 


A Set of OG Espresso

The most obvious but warming gift is to give your loved one the one thing they love most: coffee. And ORGANO has a special Espresso selection for all tastes and occasions. Give them the chance to taste coffee like a true Italian with Uno, Due or Tre Espresso. All of them have a great aroma, body and freshness.

Milk Frother

This gift is for the sophisticated ones who like to try out their own recipes and share their creations with others. Milk frother can come in handy when you’re making lattes, cappuccinos and other preparations that require that fine and delicious foam. 

Espresso Mugs

Or coffee mugs. You can personalize your own so they can feel extra special. There are lots of cup and mug sizes in the market, all you need to find is the one that screams your loved one’s name. You can check our merchandise section and see if any of our current tumblers fits the bill!

A coffee table book

Coffee is the perfect chance to have conversations and coffee is the usual drink you share when you have people over at your house, so why not decorate your coffee table with a book about coffee! We have a few recommendations:


Coffee Jewelry

From pendants to wristbands and earrings, coffee makes the perfect figure to create amazing jewelry and it has its own genre in sites like Amazon or Etsy. If your loved one is OBSESSED with coffee to the point they would like to wear a little cup every day, this is the best gift to go for.

Coffee is a versatile drink and the perfect gift for any occasion. Make this Valentine’s a special one with ORGANO, whether you’re a coffee lover or not, enjoying the fresh aroma and smooth texture of one of our blends can create the most romantic and sophisticated atmosphere. Take advantage of it!



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