Beverages like coffee and energy drinks are very convenient nowadays: they give us the boost we need in just a few minutes. But you can leverage and maximize their effect if you know how to consume and combine them wisely. FENIX CXT has a few recommendations to make up the most out of your drink.

Understand the science behind caffeine

Caffeine is the main ingredient of energy drinks and coffee. However, its effects can be varied depending on the concentration and combination of it with other elements. For example, FENIX CXT contains caffeine but also mixes it with vitamin B12 to keep your energy levels on top, but without the jitters and frantic feeling you may get from other brands. 

Understanding the power of caffeine and the effects it has on your brain can help you optimize the moments in which you take your drink. Since it is such a booster, you may want to drink it during daytime and at least 6 hours before your bedtime so it doesn’t mess up with your circadian rhythm.

Check this video to see how caffeine affects your brain:


Use energy drinks to boost your workouts

According to many studies, caffeine improves your athletic performance, giving you more endurance and energy for those moments when you need it the most. Drinking FENIX CXT before your workout routine can not only help you with your stamina, but also to get motivated and “in the zone” when you’re performing your physical activity. 

Avoid caffeine at night

We’ve said it before, but caffeine isn’t a friend of sleep and you must avoid it if you don’t have or want to pull an all-nighter. Go to your energy drink only when you know you will need it: a party, a late movie at the theater or staying up late working on that passion project.

Don’t abuse your energy drink

It can look like a great option to get energy all day, every day, but testing and adjusting your tolerance levels to caffeine is necessary. If you’re already a coffee drinker, consider if you want to add one more factor (the energy drink) to the mix and if your body responds well to it. 

If you already had a cup of coffee in the morning and are ready for a workout, reconsider taking an energy drink since you already had one shot of caffeine, and maybe save it for the afternoon when you know your stamina will be lower. 


Switching and adjusting your caffeine intake can prove beneficial in the long run: you won’t get “immunity” to caffeine if you suppress it or use it only when you need to, and maintain a healthy lifestyle that provides the energy you need from other sources like proper sleep, good eating habits and exercise. FENIX CXT can help you with it since it is enriched with nutrients and adaptogenic mushrooms to promote endurance, alertness, and to enhance cognitive performance.  



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