Sales pitches, tricky little things that make the difference between closing that deal or a new prospect. Working on them is vital, but sometimes you just need some inspiration from the masters. Today, ORGANO brings you a collection of incredible sales pitches you can learn from. Some of them are from real life, some others are from fiction, but not less effective. 

Check them out and refine yours!

1. A pitch with interest

Although Jordan Belfort isn’t the ideal and most ethical character in the business world, he’s got a great thing about his pitch: enthusiasm, interest for his client, and the perfect pick-up line to close the deal.

2. Effective elevator speech

Elevator pitches are the toughest ones, you barely have 30 seconds to engage your prospect, so you want to be savvy about the aspect of the business you want to highlight. This video teaches you how to do it with incredible results.

3. How to convey quick ideas

Sharktank is probably one of our favorite shows. It takes a lot of nerve and bravery to stand in front of some of the biggest business sharks to present your idea. Check this video and learn from some of the best pitches the show has had!

4. Become a great storyteller

If there is something all great salespeople have in common is they know how to tell a good story. Crafting it, and knowing how to put an emphasis on the speech and how it engages your audience will make the difference. In this video we’ll see some of the best sales pitches in movies because films are not only for entertainment, they are also meant to teach you great storytelling techniques.

5. Keep it short

And if you need a more instructional approach on how to craft that winning pitch, Forbes collaborator Carmine Gallo has a few points for you to take into account and create a catchy pitch you can tell in just 15 seconds. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to enchant your audiences and sell! Give yourself a chance and try to innovate in the way you present information to your prospects on calls, videos, or meetings. Let us know how it goes!



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