Mental health is the core of a good workout routine, believe it or not, and resting is part of it. Resting not only gives your body some time to recuperate but also, some headspace to improve your strategy, assess your progress, and find some zen in the middle of the chaos.

Today, OGX will explore the many benefits of having a rest day:

More “me” time

Yes, taking care of your body can feel like some “me” time, but staying quiet and spending some time sitting with your thoughts is also a personal and valuable time with your mind. If you live with your family or significant other, using this “resting time” to spend quality time with them is always a great idea! 

Get some “zen” 

We’re constantly exposed to stimuli: work, daily tasks, the current world situation and crisis we’re living in, and even the need to comply with your daily routine. Having some time away from the usual chaos and “productive” environment is useful to help your body unwind, recover, and give your mind a break from all the obligations. 

Instead of working out, grab a book, watch a wholesome tv show, or watch some cute animal videos. We guarantee they will take your mind away from the daily anguish.

Stop feeling sore

If you’re working out to build muscle and gain strength, taking a break will give your body the chance to repair damaged tissue. Proteins need some time to regenerate in your muscle and the only way to do it is to let them rest. Don’t worry, you won’t lose all the work you’ve done by resting ONE day in the week, listen to your body, and learn to see the signs. 

Do a lighter routine

Taking a rest day can also mean that you need to slow down the speed of your workout. If you’re a constant runner or a HIIT fan, maybe taking some time to do Yoga, foam roll exercises, walking, or stretching can also be part of that. Pick the one you can do at home, alternate it with your routine, and don’t lose shape.

Get some sleep

Getting an extra hour of sleep is always good for your brain and for your mind. Feeling rested instead of waking up early to meet your routine once a week can bring lots of benefits: you’ll feel happier during the day, you’ll have a happy extra hour of sleep every week and you can watch an extra episode of your favorite series. 

As you see, it is a matter of balance: a healthy life starts by knowing the signs your body gives you, and sometimes taking a rest day is all it needs to improve your performance. Train smart and healthy with OGX! #X4Ever



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