Personal branding is an important part of your work as a distributor. Keeping a neat, professional image not only opens doors, but it also makes you trustworthy. 

That’s why today, we want to give you a few tips and tricks to build your personal image. Brand yourself the right way and the world will be yours!

Take care of your image

This piece of advice goes for your offline and online persona. Branding is all about sharing your values and staying true to them. Align your speech in all channels so your presence comes across authentic and credible.

Know your limits

Sometimes we want to be all, become perfect and show ourselves as spotless. This is almost impossible, so you better embrace your imperfections and work with them! We can assure you that showing your human, flawed side will also help you connect with others.

Work on your personal brand every day

Everything you do, every single day is part of your brand. So make sure the impressions you make everywhere are great: the grocery store, the coffee shop. You never know where your next prospect or client will come from.

Learn to listen

Listening is part of growing and learning. Each day, allocate some time to listen to someone and really get what they say. Focusing on having the word all the time can be easy when you’re trying to connect and sell. Remember, understanding others also gives you perspective. 

In brief, branding is an inherent part of us, as individuals and professionals. Try to keep mindfulness on your image, words, and language with these four simple steps. You’ll see your influence will grow and anything else you do may be more effective. Now, take your OG business to the sky!



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