At OG, we give our Distributors the marketing tools they need to ensure success on their entrepreneurial journey. Whether it’s the beautifully designed Starter Kit, professional looking business cards, or the annual GOLD Magazine, we offer a variety of tools to make sure you can successfully retail the amazing OG product lineup.

However, one of the tools we can’t provide — that’s essential for any successful business — is professional photographs. In this blog, we’ll outline some reasons why you need professional photos as part of your marketing toolkit.

1- Smile! You are your own personal brand.

Even though you’re selling ORGANO™ products, most people you enroll in your team are there because of you. This is why building your personal brand is just as important as promoting products and staying in Zone 1. If you are promoting your OG Mixers and Opportunity Presentations with low quality images taken from your phone, you will not have the same results as using a professional banner with a professional picture. A professional photographer knows which angles are more flattering, how much light you need, and what kind of background to use. Get different shots (serious, smiling, etc) and different angles so you always have the perfect picture on hand.  

2- Show your best side when getting recognized

Whether it’s online recognition for the It takes 2 promotion or someone from the OG Field Development team contacting you to share your story on the official OG blog, having professional photos ready will ensure the design team can create an amazing banner to recognize your achievements. Just take a look at these examples blog to see what we mean.

Visist our IT TAKES 2 web page

3- Save time, design in a flash!

Let’s face it — in this business we’re always on the go and sometimes things tend to happen at the very last minute. If you have to take a new picture every time you do an event or a mixer, that means you need to take the time to book a photographer, clean yourself up, and take the picture. Time= Money. Having a library of professional photos means you’re always ready in case you need the photo in a flash.

4- Your image is like your logo and it helps with brand recognition

As we mention in point #1, you are building a personal brand, even if you’re focus is solely on retailing ORGANO™ products. Using the same or similar headshots consistently is like using a logo. People will get used to it and easily recognize you whenever your photo shows up in a banner. Since social media is such an important business tool these days, having a professional headshot for your social media profiles is necessary for you to be taken seriously online when you’re using your social media accounts for business.

We reached out to OG VIP Consultant and Photographer Nicholas K Harrington about why he thinks everyone should have professional photos.

“Headshots can be used for your Diamond profile in the GOLD Magzine while also reflecting the great excellence and professionalism we hold in OG.

People will take you more seriously when they see a professional picture of you and will be willing to take time to listen about the incredible opportunity you have to share with them.

Most importantly, I as a Distributor represent ORGANO™ and I must portray the company in a professional way.”

Dominika Harrington, his wife, agrees with Nicholas.

“We represent a billion dollar company so we need to look the part.

Everything these days gets noticed on social media and it’s important to brand yourself the right way

Pictures tell stories. Image is Everything!”

So there you have it, the top reasons why you should consider using a professional headshot to promote your OG business. Other things to keep in mind is that your picture should be recent and reflect the person you look like today.

Just remember — if a picture says a thousand words, then your professional headshot should speak for itself.


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