Finding motivation when it comes to your fitness goals can be tricky, but you can still hold yourself accountable even at the worst of days! You just need to stick to a plan, that’s the way to achieve your dreams. 

Learn how to hold yourself accountable with OGX.

Make clear fitness goals 

Habits start from setting a schedule and sticking to it. now, you don’t have to start with LONG hours of workout. By designating 20 to 30 minutes to it on a daily basis, you can start incorporating the habit into your routine. You’ll see that after a few weeks if you miss a day you’ll really feel and long for it!

Start small

We said it in the first step: you don’t need to do 2 hours of gym or run for a whole hour. Setting your expectations is the core of a good habit, will help foster patience and you will start at your pace. 

Start with short 20 minute routines and then raise the bar a week or two weeks later. You will start seeing the change after 2 to 3 rounds of it.

Use technology in your favor

If you’re into games and get really competitive, then technology will definitely help you out. There are several apps out there that will help you keep track of your progress, help you commit to it and will even pay you for reaching certain milestones. When there’s motivation we become unstoppable.

Treat Yourself

If you’ve stuck to your routine, rewards come in handy to keep the motivation up. Choose healthy rewards, things that make you feel good and help you on your way of staying accountable with your goals: get a nice new outfit, a healthy dessert, a spa session or just a little one day trip. 

Looking forward to something helps you show up for that routine, no matter how easy or how hard. 

You’re not alone on this! Keeping yourself accountable is a challenge, but also a habit. Try these #X4Ever tips and share with us your own tricks to showing up to your workout every day! 



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