Pilates is a very popular technique nowadays, and contrary to popular belief, you can practice it at home or at your gym with very few equipments and just using your body weight. 

This technique helps with flexibility, core strength, and posture alignment, so if you’re interested in working one of these, we have selected a few series and routines you can try to add some variety to your daily grind.

Pilates for beginners

If you’re just starting and never tried this before, start by giving this video a try. You just need a mat and your body!

Pilates for abs and glutes

Gaining strength in your core and glutes may be one of your objectives, this routine comes in handy in case you want to focus on these body parts to get a beach body in no time!

10 Minute total body Pilates

 If you only have a few minutes to crunch some exercise into your day but still want to make the most out of it, then this is the series for you. Sculpt your body FAST with these exercises.

Arm Toner

Gain strength and define your arms and back with this 5-minute miracle class! Say goodbye to weak arms and say hi to muscles and sculpted lines.

Advanced Pilates Workout

 If you want to take something more challenging and still fun this is the perfect routine. Burn calories, work every muscle in your body and stretch your muscles for a feel-good routine that will have results for days.

Create your own routine and go at your pace, remember that the competition is with yourself. OGX supports your healthy lifestyle with Shakes and supplements to complement your health goals. #X4Ever



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