Stretching is a vital part of your warmup and cool down, not only does it give you the flexibility you need to perform better during your routine but it also helps build your muscles and prepare them for the exertion they will endure during your training.

OGX brings you five routines you can mix and incorporate into your daily routine to keep it varied and exciting!


Morning stretch in your bed

If you had a bad night or suffer from constant back pain, we have the routine for you! These gentle exercises you can do in bed will prepare your body for the day ahead and will help you adjust to the morning routine.

Office Stretches

You can make time for a little workout as you work! How about working on some flexibility? This routine is designed so you can do it on your desk, break room or even the bathroom. Stop slouching and gain a better posture by performing these exercises on a daily basis.

Total Body Stretch

This routine will make sure every inch of your body is ready for your routine and that you don’t suffer from pulled muscles or any other issues during it. Ideal to improve your flexibility and close your daily workout.


Flexibility Stretches

If the activities you perform require a little bit more of dexterity and body flexibility, you can try this routine, designed for dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts. You can do those splits in no time!

Stretch routine before running

If you’re more of a cardio addict, this routine will work those muscles on your legs and abs to perform flawlessly on your daily run!

Follow one or more of these routines and let us know how it goes! OGX supports your weight management goals with the OGX basic Kit, get yours now at My Shop OG and don’t forget to join the #X4Ever community so you can achieve your goals in a healthy way. 



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