Planning a vacation is… not exactly the fun part, but one that you and your clients should do to ensure a happy time once you’re there!

Vacation planning shouldn’t be a hassle, that’s why we have this list of tips so you can create the best experience. Share this with your clients and prospects!

1. Compare

We all want the best deal possible when it comes to investing in a trip. That’s where comparing comes in handy, make sure you check all your options and go to reliable sites and services that take care of your pocket. Check flights, hotels and other services in different platforms to get the best deal. 

For example, the Travel Getaways program gives you the chance to access some uncanny offers you won’t find in any commercial site! Travalla compares prices right away with other providers and shows them to you, so you have the peace of mind that you have the most advantageous offer available to you.

2. Trust an expert

If you don’t have much time to prepare a vacation, but still you want the best experience, you may want to hire an expert. A travel agency or a travel concierge can help you tailor your experience according to your tastes, budget, and destination. These services come in handy when you don’t know much about your destination, you’re planning a cruise, or you feel overwhelmed by the number of offers you find.

3. Check the reviews

When you’re searching for a condo, hotel, villa or any other stay, it’s good to see what other clients are saying about it. Checking sites like TripAdvisor, Oyster, and Fodors, will give you an idea of what kind of service you’re gonna get. The reviews from others will enlighten yours and will convince you (or not) if choosing that particular service. Be in the know and don’t get any surprises!

4. Stay flexible

Travel has many moving parts and adaptation is necessary. There are some things you can’t control such as weather, public order situations, flight changes, and more. Researching on the best and worst moments/seasons to visit a destination will save you some time, wait and worries if you’re ready. 

5. Get Inspired

If you’re uncertain about your destination, check sites like Travalla and get inspired with unbelievable locations and unique experiences. This is also part of being flexible, you never know where your next adventure will take you and that’s part of the thrill of planning a vacation: looking forward to new places, different customs and amazing things to marvel with. 

Services like Travalla make your travel planning experience something to look forward to and not something to postpone. Enjoy all the benefits of the Travel Getaways and Forever Weeks Memberships and become a professional traveler in no time. We got your back. 



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