At ORGANO we have diverse tools to help you in the growth of your business and support all your activities, from websites to handouts, and success calls. Did you know about them? 

Whether you’re a seasoned independent Distribution Partner or a new one, here’s a useful list of resources you can use to bring a more detailed experience to your customers!

Our Website

Everything starts here. The OG website is your main source of information. Visiting it on a daily or weekly basis will help you stay updated on the latest products and promotions we have. It is also the place you can refer your customers in case they want to know more about OG or any of our products.

The ORGANO RapidFunnel App

You will be able to share OG resources via Text, email or social media channels with your prospects, according to their interests. Do they like coffee? Then send them the beverages campaign. Are they into self-care and skincare products? Then the beU module will work wonders! All the information and resources you need are there for you to use and share.

OG Academy

OGA should be your center of operations! This private website is exclusive to independent Distribution Partners and you must keep updated within on a daily basis. Here you will find all kinds of resources to sell more, become a better independent Distribution Partner and get the scoop on the latest offers we have for you. 

It is also the home of our Webinar Library where you can hear the empowering speeches and success calls from our leaders, find training tools, promote your events in our community and discover the incentives and recognition programs we have for you. 

You can also promote your own events on our OG Academy website! If you’re a Sapphire and above you can boost your event reach by posting them on our events page. Want to see which events are happening all over the world? Head to the events section for an updated list of events in your area.

Our Blogs

Both, the corporate OG blog you’re reading and our exclusive skincare blog for beU, are designed to give you useful content to stay on top of the latest trends of the business and the many verticals we cover. We publish on them on a weekly basis, so you can be sure to find something new every time you feel like. 

Social Media Channels

Following us on social networks is another easy way to stay informed! We have channels for all the different verticals we work in, so you can be sure that we got you covered in every OG product.

Find testimonials, recipes and the latest events. These are also great channels to stay in touch with us! If you share and tag us in your social media channels, most probably we will feature you in our stories to give your event a higher reach. 

These are some of our main OG Social Media Channels:
Organo: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

OG Academy: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

OGX: Instagram, Facebook

beU: Instagram, Facebook

Travalla: Instagram, Facebook

Other Resources

We also have the OG Cloud, where you can find a complete archive of the pictures of all our events and incentives. 

Can’t miss on our weekly e-blasts with important announcements, useful tips for your business, news on new releases and promotions.

Staying connected is very important for all independent Distribution Partners and at OG we do our best to give you different kinds of content to improve your experience and your customers’. 



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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