Travel… when we think about it we imagine ourselves living the good life, visiting amazing places, having the time of our life… What if you could make it a lifestyle AND a source of income? Sounds amazing! Right?

Well, that’s no longer a dream, it can be a reality with Travalla! Our Software as a Service platform allows you to get the best pricing in your travel and make money with the travel industry. Don’t believe us, just take a look at these stats on this vertical:

  • The Travel industry generated 10.4% of all global economic activity in 2018 and is considered a trillion-dollar industry today! Additionally, it is the second/fastest-growing sector in the world after manufacturing and ahead of healthcare (+3.1%), IT (+1.7%) and financial services (+1.7%). 
  • Around 1.2 billion people traveled around the world last year, this is enough sign for you to understand that consumers are showing their love for travel and they are demanding more offers thanks to apps and travel tech.
  • Travel is evolving: According to Smart Insights, 41% of the business and 60% of leisure travel arrangements are nowadays made online. Travelers are relying more on technology to plan their vacation, no matter how short or long.
  • Millennials are traveling more, research from American Express found that 85% of respondents on a survey found that “spending money on travel is an investment worth making.”
  • Finally, over 148.3 million people use the Internet to get their flights, accommodations, and activities. That’s more than 57% of all travel reservations each year.

Travel is changing. Technology is making it easier to find your dream destination, with the activities you want to engage in. Why not rely on it to get the best prices in the process?

Travalla, revolutionizing the travel industry

Travalla is the perfect place to do so. Tailor your vacation with our memberships created to fit your budget and interests! 

With our basic package, Travel Getaways, you can book hotels, condos, cruises, air, auto rentals, excursions, activities, shopping and more!   The best of all? You can pay it on a monthly or annual basis. 

With the Travel Getaways membership, you can access a more sophisticated level of travel if you’re into luxury and exotic getaways:  Forever Weeks. This is ideal for professional travelers. Forever Weeks gives members the chance to book 1, 2, or 4 weeks per year at the best rate in Travalla. With it, you also gain access to knowledgeable travel concierges that will help you tailor your travel experience at no additional cost. 

With these amazing tools, there is no way you’re not traveling on your next vacation! Save a lot and enjoy the most with Travalla. 



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