It’s Get To Know Your Customer Day! And this gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out to your loyal ones or get more to grow your base for a successful OG business this 2020.

Follow these simple tips to improve your customer game:

Host events constantly

Keeping your clients in the loop of what is going on, new products and other ways to make the most out of your product will keep your image fresh in their minds. It will also make them feel like they are part of something.

Build the conversation

Ask them questions every time you see them. Customers are a wonderful source of new ideas, possibilities, suggestions for improvement and new connections. Listen to their stories and link your products to them, it will amaze you how a little “why” can go a long way.

Show interest

Your customers have lives of their own and for sure they can help you expand your OG business through their connections. Show some interest in the things they do, without being intrusive. Be ready to make suggestions, share ideas and your own personal experience when it comes handy.

Highlight their achievements

We all like the attention for all the good reasons. Making of your best customers an example and a highlight will not only make them feel good about their experience and advancement but also will say great things about your effectiveness and care for them.

Engage with them on Social Media

Harness the power of social networks! If you’re online and handle most of your clients on the internet, it is good to see what your best clients are up to. Cheer them on their achievements, greet them on their birthday or any other special occasion, keeping your image fresh in their mind can work wonders later.

Your customers are the engine of what you do and taking care of them means taking care of your business! What are your strategies to celebrate this day? Let us know on Social Media! 



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