2020 is the year to travel! Make it your goal this year to travel and take your dream vacation. Travalla helps you out with the ideas and logistics, just put in your creativity on where you want to go next.

Here’s a list of places you need to consider to visit this year and the best season to do it.


This Adriatic Sea jewel awaits you! Its crystal turquoise waters, waterfalls and green mountains make of this country a delight for nature lovers. Croatia is also full of UNESCO World Heritage sites, full of history, natural beauties and unique sights: the old city of Dubrovnik, the Plitvice Lakes National Park are just a few.

Best seasons to visit: Spring or Summer


This South American country, particularly, Patagonia is full of the most astounding views you can think of! You can’t miss Los Glaciares National park, located at the 30-kilometer glacier Perito Moreno. 

Patagonia is a great destination for adventurers and people who want to cross off items from their bucket list. The place is full of trails, trekking areas, and other cold adventures. 

Best seasons to visit: Autumn (February through May) or Spring (October through December).

Jeju Island – South Korea

This peninsula is becoming a powerful tourism hub in Asia! and this island off the southern coast of the country is a great place for a laid back vacation thanks to its beautiful beaches or a more promising and dynamic trip for those who like to get in touch with nature.

The Hallasan volcano is the main landmark and it can be hiked in a single day (don’t worry, it is dormant). You can also visit the Manjang caves, an eerie and a marvelous location full of mysteries and natural wonders to discover. 

Best seasons to visit: Spring and Summer.


The land of a thousand hills is the perfect getaway for those who want an exotic destination. This country is full of biodiversity, natural activities and cultural heritage you don’t want to miss. 

You can’t miss the King’s palace, in the old heart of Rwanda known as Nyanza. The Nyungwe National park is a cradle of wildlife and home to over 12 species of primates, another spot you need to check. 

Best seasons to visit: Any time of the year!

New Zealand

One of the most exotic, diverse and adventurous islands you can visit! This country is full of dramatic landscapes, places that seem unreal and small pieces of paradise to enjoy some relaxation.

Our recommendation: Piha, a surf town on the west coast of Auckland, that hosts some of the most important and thrilling surf competitions, and is also known for its incredible sunsets. 

Best seasons to visit: Summer (November-January) and Autumn (February-April)

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