Doing cardio these days may seem like a total challenge, especially if you live in a confined space and you can’t even go out to the park, but it is possible to do it at home with these videos!

OGX brings you a selection of cool routines you can use to add variety to your daily grind and stay in shape, even during confinement, the #X4Ever way.

30 Minute HIIT 

This workout has a warmup and the High-intensity training peak, ideal for you to burn some calories and feel like you ran 4k in 30 minutes. No equipment needed!

10 Minute Cardio

Want something shorter and yet effective? This routine is perfect to get you started or just get your blood flowing.

30 Minute Latin Dance Cardio

Now, if you want to have fun, learn a few moves and get happy all in one, this rumba workout is the best you can try. Shake your body and dance to some Latin music.

30 Minute Kickboxing Workout

Do you like martial arts? Well, we have the routine for you, this high-intensity workout combines dance, kickboxing, and fitness to grow stronger and faster.


Are you ready to kick it this week? Tell us which workout you tried and let us know your favorite moves! Get moving, don’t lose motivation, and lead a healthier life with OGX



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