It’s the beginning of a new year and you are likely feeling motivated. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution to get fit and eat healthy is still fresh in your brain. You might even still be sticking to that meal plan and exercise spreadsheet. But what happens when it’s February, March, or later in the year — will you still be motivated?

We all struggle with motivation. Until a habit is securely in place, we have to use our will power to stay on track — and let’s face it humans aren’t that great at it. But it’s not hopeless, if you want to stick with your New Year’s resolution — perhaps you’ve signed up for the ORGANO™ X Challenge — there are some brain hacks you can apply to keep motivated.

5 Brain Hacks to Stay Motivated

  1. Attach the action to positivity. Our brains are sometimes wired to find the negativity in a situation, but we’re more likely to pursue activities that encourage positive emotions. Rather than thinking about food and exercise as punishment — instead attach healthy actions to positivity. Choosing healthy food changes from a necessary evil to be thin and instead becomes a treat that helps you feel good in your body. A jog changes from a painful workout to an opportunity to enjoy fresh air. Try this technique with other tasks you don’t enjoy and see how quickly your outlook on the activity changes.
  2. Find accountability. Humans are social creatures. Finding accountability can be a key factor in weight loss or fitness goal success. Signing up for a weight loss challenge, like X Challenge, creates an automatic support system of people with similar goals.
  3. Start small. Often the hardest part of anything is to just get started. This is true with health and fitness goals too. Not feeling like doing a full workout? Just get to the gym and tell yourself you can just walk on the treadmill. Even if the walk is the only thing you complete — it’s better than no activity at all. Most likely though, once you are at the gym, you’ll decide to go ahead and complete the workout. All big things are accomplished with small steps and the small steps are the spark to building momentum.
  4. Drink coffee. It’s not just delicious! Coffee’s caffeine has been shown to increase mental focus and activity. The ritual of preparing the cup of coffee and the sipping can jumpstart your motivation to tackle the tasks at hand.  
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments. When you have your eyes on a big prize, it’s easy to dismiss the accomplishments along the way. Taking the time to reflect on all the wins you’ve already had can be a big motivator to push forward. Anytime you feel your motivation waning — step back and celebrate your accomplishments so far. That great feeling will help you to progress forward.

Looking for motivation, accountability, and a community to celebrate with? Join the ORGANO™ X Challenge at The #X4ever lifestyle is all about staying motivated to elevate your health and lifestyle.



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