We love hearing a good transformation story, and at OGX we have many thanks to the commitment and drive of our XChallenge participants, people who never back down in the face of fear and obstacles. 

Today we wanted to take the chance to showcase the most impressive ones we’ve seen during the past months, in case you were missing a good motivation to start your own journey towards wellness and a healthier life.


The OGX way

The OGX lifestyle is supported by a well-thought system that combines great nutrients and lifestyle choices to bring results to those who search for them. 

The OGX System was designed to bring support to those who want to lead an active and healthy life with unique supplements and products: 

The OGX FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes provide the ideal balance of protein, fiber, and super nutrients to support lean muscle and weight management.

The ORGANO Supplements: Ganoderma Lucidum, Grape Seed Oil, Mycelium and Spore Powder to support your immune system, get extra nutrients for a strong body and mind. 


XChallenge Transformation Stories

OGX has inspired many around the world to make healthier choices, lead active lifestyles and become the best they can be, that’s the essence of the XChallenge.


Robert Becerra

Joined the Challenge in September 2016

Robert is from Mexico and currently lives in Chicago. This single father of three always dreamed of being an inspirational figure for his kids, but that dream seemed unreachable at 36, when he was almost 300 lbs and a size XXL, “I wasn’t where I wanted to be and that demanded a huge decision. So I joined the X Challenge in September 2016 with the goal of changing my lifestyle, losing weight, and making my dreams come true.”

Robert is determined to keep on fueling his FENIX and also inspire others to become Champions by becoming a certified physical trainer in a few years, “I keep the promise I made at UTX2017: keep on working with others to help them find, feed and feel their Fenix.  I want to pass it on to my kids and keep my X-CHAMPION belt put on at all times!”. 


Gina Corona

Joined the Challenge in 2018

Gina is from Santa Barbara, California and she accepted the XChallenge in July 2018 when her weight was 174 lbs. She wanted to look her best, but she also wanted to set a healthy example to her children, especially her 16-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with Diabetes, “I want to be an example for my kids, I wanted to feel good and be healthy, they inspired me to become a good role model and I took the challenge driven by them”. 

Instilling new habits in her daily routines was a struggle, “pushing myself to change and be more disciplined with my nutrition was the toughest part, changing habits takes time but it’s possible when you commit to it.”  She started seeing some changes just two months into the program and it was what set in stone her compromise with achieving more. 

“I’m not the same, I look great and I am in good health, this has changed my lifestyle radically.”


José and Isela Parra

Joined the Challenge in April 2017

José and Isela are parents of three active kids. After facing many challenges with their health, José being close to having a stroke and Isela searching for a healthy lifestyle for her family, they decided to give OGX a chance, not only for them but for their kids. We wanted to be healthier, and also wanted to be a model for our kids.” 

José feels the change “I feel so much healthier after accepting the #X4EVER Challenge. I got rid of 54 pounds and changed body fat for muscle mass” and Isela is thankful for feeling stronger and energized, “we created healthy habits, that’s the most important, you lose weight but also feel more vital.” 

For the couple, the key is in having clear goals and committing to it, “you need to face yourself and decide if you want to stick to old, nocive habits. Once you make the goal, commit to it and give it your all to reach it”, says Isela. Their goal is to keep on working on their personal body management goals and become an inspiration for the new X-Champion generation by breaking their own personal records. 


Gabriela Rodríguez

Joined the Challenge in August 2018 

Gabriela is a mother of 4 and an entrepreneurial woman. OGX came to her life as an invitation to change her mindset and achieve her weight loss goals, “at first, the main motivation was my team, but as I saw and experienced the transformation in my health, mind, and attitude I stuck to it, it changed my life!”

The true need for a change was the main motivation to make it, “making that irrevocable decision was key. I was determined to not negotiate with my inner critic and stick to my plan.” That discipline was what led her to a transformation that influenced her energy and her mindset towards exercise and healthy nutrition.

“OGX is a catalyst for transformation. I’ve heard so many stories in my team and community: changes in health, weight, lifestyle. It is really making an impact and I think it is empowering,” she emphasizes. But once her goal was reached, Gabriela didn’t stop there, her goals got more ambitious and collective: “My goal is to support all those who join the #X4EVER lifestyle, I still have a long way to go, I want to get more definition and get 10 more pounds of muscle mass.” And seeing how determined she is, we’re sure she will crush those objectives very soon.



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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