The transformation stories from X-Challengers all around the world are the perfect motivation to make the choice to change your lifestyle! Today’s highlight is Luis Ramirez from Baja California, Mexico. Read his testimonial and get the final push to start your own transformation journey!

Luis started his X-Challenge in July 2020 and he’s lost 50 lbs ever since! This 44-year-old started his journey with the will to feel and look better in a healthy way. “I heard about the X4Ever platform and the X-Challenge and found it very complete. You get everything: exercise routines, recipes, and best of all: you get to keep track of your progress and goals.” The rewards also played part in the motivation, but it was the community that made him stick to his challenge.

Part of the journey for Luis has also been learning to create conscious habits, “setting goals with specific dates and activities helps with consistency. All you have to do is show up, and complement it with the OGX products and meal plans.” His favorite shake is FENIX Chocolate, and he makes sure to follow the meal replacement program. 

Luis’ next goal is to reach his ideal weight, 187 lbs, and to build some muscle tone on his body. As for a piece of advice for other X-Challengers and people who want to start their weight loss journey, he says “I want people to take this challenge for their own good, and even your family’s. Sometimes we don’t realize the power we have to inspire people around us, if we don’t take care of ourselves no one will. Feel good, look good, be better, it’s all about the #X4Ever lifestyle.”


Joining the X-Challenge is easy!

Become part of an inspiring community of individuals who want to thrive and achieve their goals!  All you have to do is:


We will reward people who hit the 25, 50, and 100-pound milestones, so commit to it and record your progress on the x4Ever App every time you hit a milestone. We will also make special giveaways to all those who share their weight loss pics and testimonials. 

Finally, every year we will award a special trip to the participant who has excelled through the challenge all year and will be declared the X-Challenge Champion. 



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