Happy National Pet Day! It’s the perfect moment to appreciate and feel grateful for those furry companions that make our days joyful and full of adventures. 

We wanted to ask you something… is your pet part of your workout? If it isn’t and you’d like to get active and enjoy more time with your dog or cat, you can do it! OGX brings you a few ideas you can try to lead an active lifestyle. 

Pup Pilates

Yes, this is a thing! On this Blogilates video, you’ll see how you can create a whole routine with your puppy. We promise it will be fun, but too long-lasting if you have a big dog breed… They grow so fast!

Secret Full body workout with your dog

Follow Andie the Lab and enjoy this powerful routine you can do when you take your dog out to the park or to a walk! They enjoy the outdoors, you do too and you get in shape in the process. PS: don’t forget a ball or a stick for your furry friend!

Yoga with your dog: DOGA

How about some Doga? This practice will help you stretch (and your dog) and develop a more intimate and relaxed relationship. Adjust it depending on his mood or size, it is great for rainy days when you can’t go out!

Yoga with Cats

Don’t think we forgot about our feline friends! There is a yoga routine adapted for cats as well! Just make sure your kitty is in the mood of being lifted and pampered (don’t interrupt their sleeping schedule!). 


And… this is not a workout but we thought you’d enjoy some cute videos of pets vs exercise:


You can still go out for a brisk walk or a run with your dog, play with your cat for an hour around your house or just enjoy their company! There is no better workout than being happy! Enjoy these routines and let us know in our channels how you make your pet part of your active lifestyle. #X4Ever



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