Our popular meeting platform zoom has gained in popularity this past month. After everyone was sent to work from home, new companies and everyday people turned to this popular platform to continue their work. While Zoom is enjoying great growth – from 10 to 200 million subscriber growth, not all of it is great news.

Recent news reports from various news outlets report a spike in Zoom hacks as users rush to this popular platform. In a detailed blog post Zoom’s CEO apologized to its users and recognized that  they have “fallen short of the community’s – and their own – privacy and security expectations”

What does this mean? With increased users and reports of hackers taking advantage of some of Zoom’s vulnerability, we need to be extra vigilant whenever we open that zoom link. In some cases, the hacker makes a link that looks similar to one that you’ve used in the past. When you click the link you’ll be directed to download a piece of software that looks like Zoom but instead downloads malware on your computer.

We’ve outlined some easy steps to stay safe while you do your calls:

Check the link

Every Zoom enterprise customer has a custom link. Make sure the link properly represents the company you are Zooming with. Check the spelling of the name, sometimes hackers will make a small change to the spelling like adding a dot or line to make it hard to notice

Check the source it’s coming from

Say some sends you Do you know this person? Did you request the zoom link from them?  make sure to check with the sender before you open it. Take your time on checking the name of the company/person it’s coming from. Sometimes hackers use naming schemes such as ORGANO_ that will make it hard to notice if you’re just quickly looking.

Never download software from unknown links

Even without the issues with Zoom, you should never download a file from an unrecognized email. Researchers found malicious files using a zoom-us-zoom_##########.exe naming scheme that when executed will launch an InstallCore installer that will try to install potentially unwanted third-party applications.  Email is one of the main platforms for hackers to gain access to your computer. Reporting the email addresses as spam and deleting them from your inbox right away without opening it, will help stop the number of emails you receive and avoid downloading unwanted malware.

Stay and keep your assets safe with these simple recommendations! 


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