Are you searching for an exotic, unique place? Would you like a historic location where western and eastern cultures met? Morocco definitely has the allure of mystery, fun, and wonder you might be searching for!

Morocco is full of cities and landscapes that welcome travelers and adventurers to a land where cultures and ideas collided for centuries. Located in North Africa, just one step from Europe and connected to the Middle East, it has an interesting mixture of activities and sights.

Today we will explore this fascinating destination and the reasons you must visit it!

What makes Morocco special

Morocco is known as one of the melting pots of the Mediterranean thanks to its architecture, crafts and unbelievable Medinas (towns or cities, in modern Arabic). 

The old medinas are full of activities and attractions, Fez and Marrakesh are the most popular ones. You can delight in the local art by listening to Gnaoua (local rhythm) or marvel at the architecture of its narrow streets and zellige walls. 

Can’t miss:

– The Archaeological Site of Volubilis, one of the main Roman Empire outposts in the region. These ruins were once the capital of the kingdom of Mauretania as well.

– Ait-Ben-Haddou, another World Heritage Site an ancient desert village in the middle of the route between ancient Sudan and Marrakesh.

– Delight with the local delicacies in Fez: sardines in chermoula, Sephardic chicken, couscous salads and mint Moroccan tea. 

– The Souks of Marrakesh and the crowded markets where you can find jewelry, leather, carpets and other treasures. 

Things you need to know:

– The best times to visit Morocco are Spring and Fall.

– Keep some cash with you all the time, not all business or locals accept credit or debit cards.

– Always bargain with the locals. It is part of the local culture and you may end up getting some good deals.

– Do not exchange your money informally, it is not only dangerous but illegal. There are plenty of ATMs in the cities. 

Visiting this jewel in the Mediterranean will prove to be one of the most special and enlightening trips of your life! You can discover more about this exciting destination and the easiest way to get there with Travalla.

Discover the enchantment of Morocco now 



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