Travel is the second industry with more growth on the planet after manufacturing, and that’s one of the reasons why you should join this thriving wave by purchasing and recommending Travalla, the groundbreaking travel Platform by ORGANO.

Today we bring you some interesting facts and figures about the Travel industry to help us better understand the public we serve.

Cruises are the ultimate experience

In the last decade, US cruise passengers grew from 10.4 million to 12.4 million, demonstrating that this kind of experience is attracting lots of new customers and is becoming attractive as a way to cover several destinations in a single trip.

Travelers are searching for premium experiences when it comes to flying

With the boom of low-cost airlines also came the need and will from some travelers to pay for more value in their flying experiences such as legroom, first-class or in-flight services.

Travelers take their time to book their hotels and flights

Travelers book their transportation and hotels at least 12 weeks in advance. Now they are more informed regarding the experiences they want and they determine the type of trip they are searching for.

At the same time, travelers search and book through agents, affiliates and local tourist offices, confirming that one of the priorities is to have reliable services and avoiding scams.  

Family Travel is getting even more popular

Sharing destinations with other members of the family, instead of flying solo has become a trend. Many parents are taking sabbaticals to stay in exotic destinations during extended periods of time, making the most out of their destination

Millennials are the traveling generation

The millennial market is taking the travel business seriously, they are taking trips between 2 to 5 times a year and they refer to the internet for inspiration, offers and the general planning of their experience. 

However, not only young people are embarking on an adventure, according to Travel Leaders Group, people between 51 and 60 are part of the 22% of adventure travelers. 

Understanding your consumers, appealing to their interests and needs is key to build a successful business. We hope these facts help you out in your process and inspire you to take the leap and live a leisure life with Travalla by ORGANO. 



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