With the start of this holiday season, comes the hardest challenge of the year: maintaining our healthy habits. If you feel your routine is being tested by the cold weather, the holiday dinner parties, and the stress of gift shopping, here are some tips that can help you stay balanced for the next couple of months.

Keep working out

Don’t neglect your fitness routine. If you found you have less time to exercise, set yourself a fixed time to workout and at least three days of the week to do it. There are many options to do this from home if you feel you don’t have enough time to go to the gym. Build your shopping and meeting schedule around these times and not the other way around, so you continue taking care of your body.

Keep track of your food intake

It’s hard to say no to the holiday treats that become available at home, at work, or at parties this season. It is okay to treat yourself with a few goodies, but remember to keep track of the calories you’re consuming during the day. An excellent way to stay in shape while eating what you want is to replace two meals a day with the FENIX™ OGX Shakes, to get the proper nutritional balance even when you overate at some point during the week.

Keep preparing healthy food

Tasty food doesn’t exclude healthy options. If you’re hosting a party, try to stick to healthy meal menus that are good for both your guests and yourself. Choose food with a lot of protein, replace juices and pops for one of our hot or iced tea recipes, and get dozens of ideas on how to turn your OGX products into healthy desserts.

Include your friends and family

If you need some extra motivation to keep yourself on a healthier path, invite your friends and family to join in this lifestyle. Not only it will benefit the health and enhance the lifestyle of those around you, but you’ll cheat less and will have more support on keeping those healthy habits going when you have someone by your side. A good idea to involve everyone into this is to sign up to Kilo Collective, and try to reach a collective weight-loss goal for the end of the year.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Last but not least, enjoy this season. The holidays are not about sacrifices, but a time to enjoy the company of the ones you love. It’s normal to cheat on a meal plan or to feel a bit sluggish with the weather. What counts is that you don’t neglect your healthy habits completely and abandon all the goals you’ve achieved until now. Get some “me time,” eat healthy, and exercise as much as you can to counterbalance the stress of the season so you can keep feeling great.

Are you ready to kick start the holidays with the right foot? Download the X4ever app from  Google Play or  App Store  and keep your healthy habits going so in the upcoming year you have brand new and exciting goals to beat!



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