When the latest fitness fad is in full-swing, it can be tempting to roll your eyes at the trendiness. You’ve seen fads come and go and never put much merit in them. But there’s valid reasons these exercises become a fad — mostly they’re fun!!

The most important aspects of a fitness routine is that you keep moving. Introducing a fun, new — even trendy — type of exercise into your routine has a set of benefits:

  • You’ll keep your body from hitting a plateau. If you exercise consistently for an extended amount of time, your body adjusts to that level of activity and the exercises you’re performing. At this stage — commonly referred to as a plateau — the body can stop making progress and flatline on results. Introducing a new exercise into your routine can get you past a plateau to continue your fitness progress.
  • You’ll avoid boredom. A boring routine can easily become a routine you start to skip. Adding a new style of workout keeps things fresh, exciting — and provides a new set of challenges to keep things interesting.
  • You’ll have fun. It’s a basic fact — new stuff is fun! Even if you only try a trendy exercise one time — and decide it’s not for you — you’ll have fun just trying something new. And who knows? Maybe you’ve been hiding your inner dancer or surfer all along.

10 Trendy Workouts Worth Trying

  1. Hot Yoga. Yoga — in all its forms — has transcended trendy to be an established player in many people’s exercise routine. The popularity of yoga in the US has spawned a whole industry of new styles with hot yoga at the forefront. Hot Yoga is practiced in a room that is heated to high temperature — usually around 100 degrees fahrenheit. The heated room helps to boost yoga’s already long list of benefits. In hot yoga, the heart rate is elevated which adds additional cardiovascular benefits to the practice. The heat also warms muscles and ligaments to reduce risk of injury and increase flexibility.
  2. Barre. Ballerinas make ballet look easy and fluid, but those movements are no joke. Barre is a workout style based on the isolated strength exercises that ballet uses on the “barre.” These workouts may look simple, but you’ll definitely be sore after your first barre workout. Barre is excellent at creating serious core strength, improving balance, and straightening out your spine posture.
  3. Paddle Boarding. Stand-up paddle boarding and paddle board yoga may be the most Instagram-worthy workouts on the list, but that doesn’t mean they’re only for show. Not only does paddle boarding get you out into the great outdoors — a big boost for your mental health — it also builds balance, core strength, and can be a serious cardio workout.
  4. HIIT. Gyms around the world have been pulling the benefits of cross-training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into trendy popularity. Don’t let your prejudice of gym-rat meatheads cloud your judgement when it comes to HIIT. HIIT — characterized by circuits of short bursts of high-intensity cardio paired with short rests — is one of the most effective style of exercise for burning fat and building muscle.
  5. Kickboxing. Real truth here — everybody wants to feel like they can kick butt. With kickboxing classes, you endorphin-boosting effects of punching and kicking — without the repercussions of actually fighting a person. Kickboxing is a great stress reliever and a serious cardio workout that deserves it’s popularity.
  6. Pilates. Pilates is not just a fun word to say — it’s a low-impact way to gain core strength and build enviable long, lean muscles. This exercise trend can likely to attributed to its accessibility (nearly anyone can do pilates), its effectiveness (form is number one, creating efficient movement), and its portability (all you need is a mat or comfortable spot on the floor).
  7. Mini-Trampoline. When it comes to the fun, a mini-trampoline workout might just top the list. With small trampolines, fitness experts have devised workouts that provide serious cardio with a lower impact than traditional calisthenics — the trampoline absorbs much of the impact of jumping.
  8. Hip Hop Dance. Dance classes — particularly hip hop style — have grown in popularity over recent years. If you’re looking to get in a workout that feels more like fun that cardio, a dance class could be a perfect fit. Dancing can also help improve balance, boost heart health, and even improve memory.
  9. Surfing. The surfer body stereotype exists from the full-body workout that shredding the waves provides. Another on the list of exercises that get your outside, surfing engages all muscles groups in a holistic way unlike anything else. Make a habit of surfing and you’ll find improved balance, a stronger core, and toned arms and legs.
  10. Cycling. You don’t to go soul-searching to get into cycling — but it has helped a lot of people get fit. Cycling is one of the best cardio workouts with a low-impact. It’s versatile too — as it can be done inside on a stationary bike or out in nature on a traditional bike. It can be smooth sailing or it can be cranked up for higher intensity.


As always, make sure you are properly fueling your body with complete nutrition like that from OGX FENIX™ kits. Talk to your doctor too before making any drastic changes in your physical activity.

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