Every OG success story has one thing in common — consistency. Whether you’re signing up new Distributors, building your customer base, or sampling the product, if you’re not doing it consistently, you’ll never be able to breakthrough and reach your full potential with ORGANO™. The Star Achiever Program is one of the longest running recognition programs in OG history and rewards Distributors who consistently build their business every single month. In this spotlight series, we’ll feature some of OG’s brightest stars and hear firsthand how they were able to build a successful OG business by taking advantage of the Star Achiever Program.

Today, we’re featuring our OG Platinum Elite Consultant, Wayne Edwards.

Starting with ORGANO™

Originally from Malvern, a small district on the south-central part of Jamaica, Wayne Edwards moved to Kingston in search of a better opportunity. It was in Kingston where Wayne found his true passion of serving people, by working as an orthodontist technician.

However, right around 2011, he knew that he couldn’t live the rest of his life working a 9-5 job. He knew he was passionate about helping others and wanted to find a new career path that allowed him to do that, while breaking out of the monotony of a rigid work schedule.

As he was searching for other opportunities, he came across a total stranger, who would soon change his life forever.

“This stranger, who ended up becoming my Sponsor, introduced me to ORGANO™,” says Wayne. “I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know anything about the industry, but I could tell by talking to my Sponsor and learning about ORGANO™ that this was a too good to be true opportunity.”

Soon after their first meeting, Wayne signed up to become an Independent Distributor and instantly began building his business.

Overcoming the Odds

There were certainly no shortage of roadblocks on Wayne Edwards’ OG journey. For starters, he didn’t have any Network Marketing experience. Secondly, he was trying to build a business while also finding time for his family and a full-time job. Lastly, the biggest roadblock of all came from where you’d least expect it.

“The person closest to me – my wife – doubted my ability to succeed, and gave no support or encouragement,” recalls Wayne. “That made it even more challenging to balance family time, work and ORGANO™. However, I knew success was my only option so I decided to grab the bull by its horn and give it my all.”

By sampling at least three people each day and investing time and energy into his business, he was able to become a 14-Star Achiever, 10-time Superstar Achiever, and a Platinum Elite Consultant.

Achieving His “Why”

The key to Wayne’s success was making sure his dreams stayed bigger than his fears. He stayed committed to growing his organization and sharing the OG Opportunity by remembering why he got into this business in the first place.

“I want to give my family the life they deserve. If I can become financially independent and commit myself to ORGANO™, I can share all the amazing perks of this Opportunity with my family. I want to take my mother on a cruise so I’m ready to do whatever it takes to qualify for Seas The Moment. I want my daughters to never have to work for anyone, so it’s imperative I can show them what’s possible with ORGANO™.”

Changing His Life

To say Wayne’s life has changed would be a huge understatement. Over the last six years, Wayne’s life has done a complete 180, and wouldn’t you know it, he’s even been able to take one of his biggest roadblocks and turn it into a springboard.

“I wouldn’t have this success without my wife. She’s been my biggest cheerleader and I attribute most of my retail sales to her ability to network and share OG products.”

Before 2011, Wayne had worked at the same job for 27 years, yet somehow still managed to live a life where his expenses outweighed his income. Coming to ORGANO™ not only changed his life financially, but gave him the opportunity to finally get everything he wanted out of his life.

“ORGANO™ has changed my personal and financial life. I realized that things don’t just happen — but your thoughts make them happen. Life is all about making smart decisions, and joining ORGANO™ was the smartest decision I ever made.”



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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