It is exciting to attend events and conferences: they give us the chance to get a new air, get exposed to new ideas, and learn things that benefit us and our business in the long run. Today, we will give you even more reasons to schedule your next event and make the most of it.

And talking about that: are you ready for UNITE 2022

Meet Key People

One of the main reasons to attend events, virtually or in the flesh, is to network and get important contacts that can become even stronger bonds or business opportunities. In them you can meet potential partners, new customers or just someone inspiring. Make sure to make yourself presentable, deliver a smile and start conversations whenever you can.

Update your knowledge base

Events are a great source of new ideas! Many business owners get the solution to their problems or improve their processes by speaking of their trials and challenges with others who have been through the same. Talks, presentations and seminars are the perfect excuse to learn something new, but also to start something new. Have you ever thought how life-changing was your first ORGANO event? That’s the power of meeting new people and hearing novel ideas. 

Share your experience

We usually think that events are only to listen… But sometimes it’s us doing the talking and that can be very empowering. Talking about what you do, your lessons and process can give you the confidence of walking the right path, but also the chance to inspire others. Don’t be afraid of the stage or people’s feedback! Your process can be valuable to thousands. 

Get Recognized

Events are another source of recognition and accomplishment. You may not be the main presenter but you can get called on stage to receive recognition for your efforts and we love it! Think of the many UNITE events we’ve had and the many times you’ve seen others get on stage… YOU can get there as well! Events are essential to receive support and inspiration from your community. 

Stay On Top Of Trends

Finally, events are the place to be because that is where the magic happens. Events are filled with marketing opportunities, fresh ideas, and where the latest advancements are announced. Part of fighting the fear of missing out or FOMO, is to be where the news is happening.

So… What are you waiting for? Are you ready to attend UNITE 2022? How many conferences and events do you attend a year and what’s your favorite part about them? Share your comments and ideas with us on social media and see you VERY soon!



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