Empathy is a quality that’s easily taken for granted in these days of the excessive need for productivity, and it’s sad! 

Empathy can give you great rapport with your prospects and help you grow your business in ways you never expected, and today we will tell you how.

Listening increases your sales

Any independent Distribution Partner agrees with this: listening to your customer’s needs and stepping into their shoes makes you even more valuable to them. This way they easily advocate for you, recommend you and buy back from you, because you get them and they feel like you relate.

Showing your human side earns you respect

Getting out of your head, accepting vulnerability and sharing your victories but also your defeats will bring you closer and make you more relatable. Engaging in meaningful conversations will lead you to amazing discoveries, about your clients, your business and yourself. 

Understand we all have bad days

Keeping this simple truth in mind will help you not take things personally when you get rejected or receive a no as an answer. It also helps you understand your clients when they show no interest, probably you caught them at the wrong moment, or they are not having a good day. 

It teaches you to ask questions

Being tactful is another skill you can develop as you gain empathy: being thoughtful, caring about others and willing to listen to what they are going through, or even just finding out how their day has been can give you tools to work with and improve the customer experience. 

Gaining empathy doesn’t happen overnight, but you can start practicing at any moment to improve your chances of getting more clients and deliver a stellar customer experience to everyone you meet.



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