Movie destinations are a big thing now in the travel industry! We’re pretty sure you have thought of some of them if you’re a huge TV or movie buff, that’s why Travalla compiled this list of destinations you don’t wanna miss on your next trip.

New Zealand – The Lord of the Rings

This destination sparked the touristic wave on this island and is attractive for its incredible landscapes. You can visit Matamata, which is known as The Shire and then jump to Kaotoke Regional Park around Wellington to get a taste of Rivendell, the home of the elves. Mount Sunday in Canterbury served as the home of Edoras and Kawaru Korge was the astounding Anduin River. 

Mumbai, India – Bollywood

Home to the world’s largest movie producing locations, Mumbai is the place to be if you’re a fan of Bollywood movies (think Slumdog Millionaire). This film city is full of studios and locations you can visit by yourself or take a tour bus to visit the main landmarks. You can’t miss S.J. Studios!

Matmata and Nefta, Tunisia – Star Wars

This list could not miss one of the most emblematic locations in the science fiction universe. Serving as the location to film Tatooine, Matmata is recognizable for its subterranean cave homes, originally built by the Berbers, an indigenous group in the region. Currently, there’s even a hotel, the Sidi Driss that can be visited and holds memorabilia of the movie’s original filming.

New York City – Home Alone, BreakFast at Tiffany’s 

The big apple has been the home to thousands of productions and will always have a special spot for you to discover! As the backdrop of dramas, comedies, and even action movies, it is notorious for its scenic streets. 

You can stop at Central Park to rekindle the memories of Home Alone and When Harry Met Sally. You can go downtown and visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in SOHO (Sex and The City) or stop by Riverside Park on the Uptown West Side to see the place where the ending of You’ve Got Mail takes place. The possibilities are endless. 

Take a trip to your dream destination and check what has been filmed there! The chances are you may run into your favorite actor in case there is some production going on. Travalla will take you there! 



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