Museums open your mind to new worlds, cultures, and experiences. They are some of the first places you go to when getting to a new city or when you explore one of your travel destinations. Well, quarantine should not be an obstacle for you to keep learning and exploring! Prepare for the journeys to come with Travalla. 


Many museums are offering virtual tours and workshops during this time, satisfying your thirst for knowledge and new things. Today we bring you a few recommendations for the whole family!


NASA has several museums scattered through the US and you can visit two of them on a virtual tour: The Langley Research Center and the Glenn Research Center. Both of them showcase artifacts from space exploration, astronomy exhibitions, and diverse science experiments your kids won’t want to miss.

Van Gogh Museum

This museum located in Amsterdam and home to the biggest collection in honor of this genius painter offers virtual visits where you can see his works in all their splendor. Over 500 drawings and 200 paintings can be found.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Yes! You can even visit zoos and aquariums thanks to the live cameras in some of these places. You can see the wildlife in the icy tundra at the National Aquarium and find a soothing sight of animals in a quiet, natural environment. 

National Museum of Anthropology in México City

Travel in time and visit the pre-hispanic Mexico in the virtual tours of this museum. It holds over 20 exhibitions and has some amazing artifacts from the Mayan civilization.  National Museum of Anthropology

British Museum

One of the places that holds most of the world’s ancient history artifacts opens its doors so you can marvel at them. Egyptian mummies, medieval artwork, ancient artifacts and even prehistoric pieces can be found.


Use your imagination and visit all those places you can’t see right now but might later! Every day presents a new chance to learn and delight with the many creations of mankind. Travalla encourages your curiosity and invites you to plan for that great day when you can go out and explore again.



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