Let’s celebrate #InternationalYogaDay! Dare to feel more flexible, strong and in sync with inner rhythm with the routines OGX has curated for you.

Yoga is a pretty ancient tradition that has picked up popularity in the last century. Even some of the movements you make in Pilates and other techniques come from this mindfulness practice. Today, OGX has selected three of the most effective Yoga routines to strengthen your body and sculpt it this summer. 

Dare to try them and tell us the results!

Yoga for Strength

In this vinyasa flow routine, you will have some fun as you tone and build your full body strength. Adriene will guide you through the process with different variations according to your resistance. Remember, the journey is the reward!

Power Yoga

If you’re searching for a more dynamic routine and more focus on the core muscles this is your video! Grab your mat and get ready to sweat! This will put your muscles to the test and will make you feel refreshed once you’re done.

20 Minute Full Body Power



Now, sometimes we don’t have time for a full routine, but you can work all your body muscles and build strength in just 20 minutes with this video. Practice it 3 times per week and you’ll feel the results pretty soon!

One of our favorite things about yoga is how versatile it is! You can do it at your own pace and adapt it to your personal goals and interests. Celebrate  International Yoga Day, lead a mindful, healthy life with the help of OGX. 



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