Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you can make a special gift to that perfect someone with one of our products! Think about their interests, favorite beverages and activities. This is your chance to really make an impression and make your bond grow even stronger. 


Want some ideas? We have a few for you!

Create a special breakfast

Surprise your Valentine with a sweet gesture from the beginning of the day! Dare to be special and wake them up with a delicious breakfast in bed! You can include a cup of one of our varied selection of coffees and teas. You can complement it with a nice sweet recipe from our blog.

Create a photo album

If you and your significant other are into memories, creating a photo album of you two together can be a great, meaningful activity for this special day. Collect your favorite pictures, print them (or make it digital if you want to help the planet) and spend some time together remembering those moments. Create more memories by taking some photos that same day and save it for the future!

Fix them a gift box

You can tailor their gift with their favorite things: from beauty products like beU, to their favorite OG Coffee. Don’t forget to include a personal message in a letter or card and match the mood with some flowers or decoration inside it. 

Create a ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ Box

This one requires some preparation but it’s the perfect gift that will keep on giving the rest of the year. Create a Reasons Why I love You Box with little notes expressing the thousand reasons why they are so special to you. Dare to be sweet, corny, serious and funny. This gift will allow you to express your feelings and for them to get a daily reminder of you. 


Make an Indoor Picnic

Weather isn’t so gentle these days, but you can still create a perfect moment inside your home. Create the right atmosphere with some mats, lights and food. Prepare some of your and their favorite snacks and dig into the fun of a picnic that cannot be ruined by rain.


There are lots of activities and special gifts you can create for this day, we just gave you a few ideas to get you started and make this Valentine’s Day a little more extra. Let us know how you celebrate!



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