What you eat on a daily basis is part of your essential skincare regime, whether you believe it or not. Today beU will teach you how you can eat your way to a healthy skin with some important foods and nutrients this summer!


You can start your day with a refreshing and hydrating glass of water with lemon. This mix will help your body replenish its hydration and start your metabolism in a gentle way. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps fight the free radicals that damage your skin, and boosts your immune function for better health.

After that, you can make a proper breakfast with a nice breakfast bowl or protein- based meal to provide the nutrients your body needs. You can try one of these tasty breakfast recipes we have created, you can mix and match every day to keep it varied!



At this moment of the day is when you have to keep an eye on the healthiest offers. Make sure to have a good source of protein, this way you will avoid the sagginess and puffiness on your skin, and the production of collagen will boost your tissue. 


Don’t forget to also add a good portion of vegetables, these provide vitamins, minerals and fiber, essential for a glowing skin complexion. 



Keeping things light when it’s dinner time is the best way to take care of your skin and your body. At this moment of the day, you can go for a tasty soup or a side dish to satisfy your cravings but also get more vitamins and antioxidants. Some soup ideas are: roasted carrot soup, roasted pepper and tomato, or a simple chili with sweet potatoes and black beans. 




Remember to avoid processed foods or sugars at this time of the day! Not only will you have better sleep, but your skin will look toned the following morning.

You can eat healthy and help your skin in the process, it’s just a matter of being mindful of what you put on your plate. Complement this regime with beU and you’ll see your skin glowing and rejuvenated.



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