Alondra Cardenas, from Hidalgo, and Carlos Gomez, from Chiapas, live in Salt Lake City, Utah.The story of these Distributors sets an example on how perseverance leads to success when you have a supportive company such as ORGANO™ by your side.

Alondra is a natural born leader and entrepreneur. She studied early childhood education and little after that she opened her own business. As time went by, she realized she wanted a lifestyle that would give her more freedom, so she sold her business and became a full-time ORGANO™ Distributor.

Carlos Gómez doesn’t stay behind. After finishing high school, he moved from Mexico to the US to save money for college. He currently works as a pipe welder, but he is looking forward to living the OG Lifestyle, just as Alondra.

Alondra and Carlos have created a trustworthy team thanks to their Leaders, Javier and Maribel. With them, they’ve witnessed the power of ORGANO™. After many hours of hard work, and learning how to put their group’s needs before their personal wishes, they’ve now grown a team with members in the states of Utah, Louisiana, Colorado, Texas, and in Mexico. “The best of our story is that it doesn’t end here,” they tell us, “Our success is about to begin!”

EXPO was an eye-opening experience for Carlos and Alondra, as they realized how far they could take their business. After listening to the Leaders, they decided it was time to put all their focus on their entrepreneurial goals. They had now in their hearts a sincere desire for success, and they knew that by listening to their Leaders, they would reach what they wished. Luckily for them, that same hunger spread to all their team members, and they all agreed to bring new people for EXPO 2018, where their stories will be heard!

For all our Distributors eager to follow their dreams just as Alondra and Carlos, they leave us with two pieces of advice. The first one is to let yourself to be instructed by your role models. “We must stay humble and understand we know so little,” they say. “We should always keep learning.”

The second advice is to be consistent and not to give up against rejection. “A negative answer should only make us stronger,” they say, as they tell us to be ready to find people along the way who are not prepared for a company as big as ORGANO™.

Finally, our two Distributors would like to thank their team leaders, Javier and Maribel: “Without your help, we wouldn’t have achieved this much.”



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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