Coffee is the beverage that shakes you up in the morning, but also the beverage that divides us when it comes to the question: with or without caffeine? So, today, with OG Espresso we’ll be debunking some decaf coffee myths and we’ll see its benefits.

The National Coffee Association revealed that more than 50% of all American adults drink coffee every day. This amazing beverage is full of antioxidants, caffeine and other micronutrients that help us feel alert, productive and motivated.

Part of the magic of coffee comes from caffeine, the substance responsible for the energy boost you feel once you have that first cup of Joe. However, not everybody gets that nice feeling, some people react differently to caffeine: they feel anxious, jittery and uncomfortable, there is where decaf coffee appeared.

What is decaf?

Decaf or decaffeinated coffee is coffee with less or no percentage of caffeine. Caffeine can be removed from the coffee beans through different processes, the Swiss Water Method is the most popular: water is used to soak the beans and remove the caffeine via osmosis. 

Most decaf processes are chemical-free and just use filtering methods to separate the caffeine from the beans, which is a safer way to process the beans.

Is decaf better than normal coffee?

It all depends on your sensitivity to caffeine. Each body is different and caffeine can be synthesized faster or slower in each person, that metabolic rate determines how much caffeine your body can tolerate.

In general, decaf coffee helps people with a high risk of diabetes, avoiding the oxidative stress states that the body can go through when consuming normal coffee. It also helps people that suffer insomnia and sometimes gets hyper when consuming normal coffee, decaf won’t have the same effect in the nervous system and will allow you to have a cup before going to bed without worries.

If you’re a fan of the flavor and aroma of coffee but don’t want the “enhancing” effects of caffeine, then Decaf can be your option and ORGANO has it for you! Meet the Espresso Decaf, an inspiring cup with serenity and poise. Get yours!



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