Espresso, that wonderful Italian invention that changed our mornings and our whole lives! 

There’s a lot more than meets the eye with this empowering beverage. That’s why today we bring some interesting espresso facts to be more knowledgeable about your favorite drink.

  1. Espresso started to be “a thing” during the Industrial Revolution in Italy, in order to reduce the time workers spent on “coffee breaks”. 
  2. The name espresso comes from the Italian word espresso, not the English express. Espresso means “pressed-out” which is exactly what you do to the coffee to get this precious beverage.
  3. Espresso has 2.5% of fat, unlike filtered coffee.  The process to make it, emulsifies the oil of the beans, making it creamier and with more body.
  4. Espresso is Italy’s treasure, the reason why it is regulated by the government. If you want a good cup, make sure to follow the Italian way.
  5. Espresso needs to be drunk almost instantly. That’s why you see those little shot cups in all caffés. It ensures freshness, flavor, crema, and aroma.

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