We are so happy to see so many people joining the X Challenge! Every day we hear great testimonials about how everyone is achieving a healthier lifestyle, and we are delighted to see so many goals fulfilled in the last few months. As a treat for everyone who’s giving their best to maintain or lose weight with the help of our nutritious OGX FENIX™ Kits, today we bring you some movies that highlight the perseverance of those that are up to some extreme challenges.

Cinderella Man

Set during the great depression, the movie tells the true story of James J. Braddock, a heavyweight boxing champion that after breaking his right hand, has to do manual labor to support his family. A second opportunity comes when Braddock’s manager offers him to fill up a boxing match for just one night. Braddock defeats his opponent and finds out he still has strength in his left hand. Now Braddock has two choices.  He can risk to compete for the world championship or to continue to be a longshoreman and remain in poverty.

Bend It Like Beckham

This movie tells the story of Jess, an 18-year-old Punjab woman. Jess new friend, Jules, discovers Jess’s potential with soccer and invites her to join the local team. Despite her family’s objections about a woman playing sports, Jess starts training to win the league’s tournament. The story highlights the perseverance of Jess and Jules on becoming great soccer players and hopefully enrolling in a major league while struggling against gender and race stereotypes.

Breaking Away

Dave is a high school student from Indiana obsessed with Italian culture; most of all because he recently won a Masi bicycle. When the Indiana University holds the Little 500 bicycle race and Dave is encouraged to compete. Even better, a group of Italian competitors allows him to practice with them. Things get bad when the Italians found out Dave is way better and faster than them, and start cheating to prevent him from winning the race. After his disenchantment with the Italians, his friends and family will play a significant role in persuading him to compete on the Little 500 despite his depression.

Chariots of Fire

This movie follows the story of two Olympic athletes and their perseverance to represent Great Britain in the 1294 Paris Olympics. Harold Abrahams has to struggle with anti-semitism at the University of Cambridge. He finds comfort after being the fastest runner at the university competitions. Eric Liddell, who also finds inspiration in running, struggles against her sister’s disapproval, who wishes him to go to China and become a missionary like their parents. Both athletes will challenge people’s expectations and turn to their personal beliefs to give the best of them during the competitions.

We highly encourage you to watch these movies and to feel inspired by the perseverance of these characters.

They will show you how, no matter how big your goals are, nothing is impossible; with the right attitude and products you can complete the XCHALLENGE with ORGANO™.

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